Community Management Services

  • Assist in minimizing burden of board members
  • Advise and guide association board on governing documents, including 
    CC&Rs, by-laws, amendments, and resolutions
  • Communicate to board a cost effectiveproactive approach towards property 
  • Review and/or establish emergency procedures
  • Attend board and association meetings
  • Prepare and send notices, proxies, ballots and agendas
  • Maintain all association records
  • Handle all board and homeowner correspondences


  • Facilitate yearly bidding for seasonal maintenance contracts
  • Prepare and manage seasonal contracts for community common areas
  • Review and/or supervise capital improvement projects
  • Establish open communication with all homeowners
  • Monitor adherence of association's building policies
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service


  • Define chart of accounts
  • Obtain historical financial records
  • Create journals
  • Enforce delinquency collection procedures
  • Prepare various monthly financial statements
  • Pay all authorized bills
  • Prepare, mail and collect association dues
  • Manage funding of reserve account
  • Review and/or prepare annual budget
  • Maintain all association records
  • Work with accountant to prepare and file annual tax returns

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